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Mrs.LMHChingu'sLovey DoveyFairy Tale

Friday, June 3 | 9:02 PM |
assalamualaikum... hello...
aku happy sangat coz my blog dah free daripada segala
ancaman virus-virus yang tak tahu mana datangnya...!
mungkinkan ia di SABOTAJ...??
semuanya akn terjawab di MELODI.. wakaka!
just kidding!

i just want to mention dis name and i think some
of you know him.. actually he is my mr ex..
He is MR.SETH TAN (sila muntah!)

i dun know why, since nora elina
showed on tv, i'm sooo addict with him..
addict with seth character actually..
someone yang nice sangat...! romantic, handsome!
wahaha.. and so many things on him that make
him be so perfect..
fell so incomplete if left that drama...
be lucky if i'll be nora elina..
suka berangan kamu yaaa!

i dont think mr.perfect
is around today...
nobody is perfect but we can try to
make it right.. 0_o

dah la cakap pasal ''mr. perfect''
see u again!

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