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Mrs.LMHChingu'sLovey DoveyFairy Tale

Monday, April 18 | 6:15 PM |
hello eberybodi!
what are u doing...?

tomorrow is my BFF birthday
were action like we are so mad with her..
we..? or i'm alone..? forget it...!
what should i d0o0oo..?
i'm a little bit confuse.. ~~~
should i give her present or cake...?
do you think which is better..?

i've share money with my friend
s0, both of us had choose a cake...
yummy!! chocolate cake,
yummy yummy yummy!!
i loikee!
ok listen,
that's not your birthday ain~~~!!
0_0, i'm shyyyy^^

        ~~~~~~ ^^
do you think i'm stinggy....???
n0ooo!! i'm not!
actually i'm in financial problems,
as usual, i'm a student... hahaha!
always be a reason =p
don't get me wrong!
thats why were sharing ^^

anyway! happy birthday t0 you...
happy birthday t0 you....
happy birthday t0 AXI0N, 0psss AZIAH...!
happy birthday to you......

glad if been the first!
hope you happy always friends...
remember my birthday t0o
i'm joke..

p/s: khamis ni ada derma darah kat sekolah..
      tapi saya takut jarum....~~~^^


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