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Mrs.LMHChingu'sLovey DoveyFairy Tale

Thursday, March 24 | 3:13 PM |
assalamualaikum... how r you today...? hope that you're fine..
today was a busy day and i felt that i'm s0ooo tired..
tired... yes i'm tired with my result.. h0hoh0..
huhh, someone help me please...

ain, sorry to say...
but it's not your results
i can do more better than that..
damn! i hate it.....!!!

i need some extraclass...
some..?? more..!

i hate to express here but
it's make me sad when i'm telling
this to someone who voluntary to here it...
especially my m0m.. oh n0oooooo!!

enough! tym to sch0ol... see you!

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